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problem child

This shit off the fucking chain. Ugh. I’m a dead woman.

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I realised only THIS WEEK that spending so much time in relationships has 100% impacted my ability to both interact with other people and do meaningful things with my life. Half the people I know would say “duh!” to that, and half would say “excuse me, I am better because of my relationship”. You’re all correct, this is just a recent epiphany for me. Personally.

Fresh as fuck local pop - I like it, I like it a lot.

Dis is me

Dis is me

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What does one even do with free time?

Whether you are a fan of 2013 Miley or not (clearly I am pro), and if even like me your Jeff Buckley Days are well behind you, stuffed into the back of your closet with shitty teenage tears and busted up textbooks; this voice is pure Honey Rolled Perfection and it brought more than one tear to my eye.



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Mind Ride by JEFF The Brotherhood

- total jam

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